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Bankruptcy Documentation

Prior to meeting complete steps 1, 2 & 3. Click step 4 link at your meeting time


Step 1

You will receive an email from - File Invite (click to get started). This is a document request portal where you will go in and sign requested documents such as the retainer agreement, as well as upload requested documents such as a photo of your ID, PDFs of you two past tax returns etc. It will take you time to get acquire some of the necessary documents. But once you have them imputing them will be easy to complete.

Step 2

You will receive an email from - BK Packet (click start your packet). This packet contains every question required to file bankruptcy. Answer every question asked thoroughly. It is a crime to lie about information in your bankruptcy petition so truthfully answer each question. This packet will take 2 hours to complete, it automatically saves so you can log out and log back in to add more information. After completed I will get a notice and review it.

Law Books

Step 3

Another requirement by the court before your case can be filed is completing the first credit counseling course. This is the link to the course select course 1. The course will cost $20 and take roughly 45 minutes to watch. After your completion I will automatically get an email with a course completion certificate which I will add to your bankruptcy petition.

Step 4

Click this google meet link at the consultation time to join the meeting.

Google Code: bvp-jhir-czg
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