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Client Guide

Phase 1: Retain Fresh Start Law Firm

Thank you for deciding to retain Fresh Start Law Firm to represent you for your Bankruptcy. Please read and complete the steps below. After these are completed we can begin to collect your necessary petition documents

Ch. 7 Fee Breakdown

Total Cost to File Ch. 7: $2358

Retainer: $50

Attorneys Fees: $1950

US Court Ch. 7 Filing Fee $338

Credit Counseling Courses: $20

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Step 1: Sign Retainer

Click this link to sign the Fresh Start Law Firm Ch. 7 Retainer. A copy will be sent to your email

Step 2: Pay Retainer

Please pay use the link to pay the retainer. Please pay as little as $100 or as much as $1980 as discussed with the attorney. Must use bank account or debit card. Payment with credit card is illegal, the court will consider your payment fraud

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Financial Report

Step 3: Credit Report

Click the link to sign and fill out necessary information, in order to pull your credit report, and add it to your bankruptcy petition.

Step 4: Set Signing Appointment

The signing appointment is when you will sign your bankruptcy petition. Before that happens you must upload all required documents at least two days before that appointment. The signing appointment is also timed around your paycheck so ideally you do not have money in your bank account the day you sign your petition


Phase 2: Document Collection

You just received two emails (check main inbox and junk mail). A big part of filing for bankruptcy is getting together all the necessary documents. Please complete all of these steps so we can prepare your bankruptcy petition

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Step 5 - Upload Documents to File Invite

You will receive an email from - File Invite (click to get started). This is a document request portal where you will go in and sign requested documents such as the tax certificate, as well as upload requested documents such as a photo of your ID, PDFs of you two past tax returns etc. It will take you time to get acquire some of the necessary documents. But once you have them imputing them will be easy to complete.

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Step 6 - Fill Out BK Packet

You will receive an email from - BK Packet (click start your packet). This packet contains every question required to file bankruptcy. Answer every question asked thoroughly. It is a crime to lie about information in your bankruptcy petition so truthfully answer each question. This packet will take 2 hours to complete, it automatically saves so you can log out and log back in to add more information. After completed I will get a notice and review it.

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Personal Computer

Step 7 - Watch Credit Counseling Course #1

Another requirement by the court before your case can be filed is completing the first credit counseling course. This is the link to the course select course 1. The course will cost $20 and take roughly 45 minutes to watch. After your completion we will get an email with a course completion certificate which we will add to your bankruptcy petition.

Step 8: Pay Remainder of Fees

Please pay use the link to pay the remainder of fees. This could be $0 if you paid 100% on the front end or as much as $1880. Must use bank account or debit card. Payment with credit card is illegal, the court will consider your payment fraud

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Texting at Work

Step 9: Inform
Fresh Start Law Firm

After each step is completed. Please text 504-900-8024 what you have completed

#1 Text after completing BK Packet

#2 Text after completing File Invite

#3 Text after completing Credit Counseling 1

#4 Text after a payment is made and how much until all fees are completely paid

Thank you

Phase 3: Filing of Bankruptcy Petition

This is an overview of the finals steps for your bankruptcy process

Signing Papers

Step 10 - Sign Bankruptcy Petition

Court requires physical signatures. Digital is not allowed. You may come into one of our partner offices or you can have the petition mailed to you. If you opt to have it mailed to you we will have a video chat line going to ensure all necessary signatures and initials have been completed 

Step 11 - Petition is Filed

After the signing of the petition. Fresh Start Law Firm will file the petition with the court. After the petition has been filed we will alert you and text you with your bankruptcy case number

Addressing the Court
Personal Computer

Step 12 - Watch Credit Counseling Course #2

After the petition is filed you will have one more credit counseling course to take. This is the link to the course select course 2. The course will cost $10 and take roughly 45 minutes to watch. The court requires the second course or they will not give you a discharge

Step 13: 341 Meeting by Zoom

All bankruptcy filers must attend a 341 meeting. This is a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee, your attorney and yourself. They will ask basic questions about you bankruptcy that you will answer in yes or no responses.

Virtual Team Meeting

Step 14: Bankruptcy Discharge Order Granted

After 3-4 months the bankruptcy court will grant your Ch. 7 Discharge. You will receive this letter in the mail.

Congratulations you are debt free!

Glad we could help - Fresh Start Law Firm

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